I’ve been pursuing this activity that I love for 20 years now, working in a region where the climate is favourable for wine growing.

I’ve been guided and helped by Jacques, my father, a highly-committed man who was convinced that great wines could be made in Languedoc.

I took over the domaine in the early 2000s, adapting lutte raisonnée methods so that the vines and the terroir could really express themselves.

And every year, from this same land, a new vintage is born: they follow on one from another, but each is different.

Different grapes planted on specific soils (schist, sandstone, clay-limestone, silty sand…) allow the grower to create wines in his own image, like a chef working in his kitchen with a vast array of ingredients.

It’s difficult to briefly summarise all the work involved in making great wines. Far better to simply open a good bottle with some friends and let the wine speak for itself. As we like to say, the proof is in the glass.